Dobre studio tatuażu – po czym je rozpoznamy?

A good tattoo studio – how will we recognize them?

When we decide to get a tattoo, we have to spend some time to choose the right tattoo studio. Currently, there are a lot of them. They come like mushrooms after the rain. The choice may seem extremely difficult. However, once we know what to look for, the choice will be really simple.

The price of the tattoo

We need to know that the tattoo will adorn our body for the rest of our lives. Therefore, we must not save on it. Sometimes a cheap tattoo will really turn our lives into a nightmare. We will regret our miserliness. Let’s not allow such a situation. In tattoo studios, the most common form of payment is the price given for an all-day session or for a specific project. The first form is used for large projects and the second form is used for smaller designs. An all-day session ranges from eight hundred zlotys to even one thousand five hundred zlotys. When the price offered to us is much lower, it should give us food for thought.

What date of tattoo completion?

The date of the tattoo should also give us a lot to think about. Sometimes, with real artists, we can wait a year or two. A very simple rule works here – the better the artist, the more clients he has and the distant deadline. A tattoo with a due date for tomorrow may end up crying and looking for a tattoo removal service.

Let’s look for help online

We should also check out the specific artist portfolio posted on the tattoo studio website. However, we must remember to check which artist represents a given style and what exactly he specializes in. Sometimes what looks beautiful in the photo can be a real deterrent. It is worth asking for help from experienced people on online forums or in communities that bring together tattooed people. Certainly, in this type of place, we will receive many artists or recommended tattoo studios who know their job. Believe me, we won’t have any problem finding a good tattoo studio.

Before we start tattooing, let’s check a specific studio. I don’t think you need to tell anyone that law and order should prevail in a tattoo studio. if at first glance we are thrown with dirt and dust, we do not sign up for a session here. It is the responsibility of the tattoo artist to sterilize the razor and any other equipment. He has to put on new gloves and open the needles. The needles must be sterile packed. In tattoo studios, they should be more sterile than in a doctor’s office.


We do not go to a good tattoo studio with a ready-made pattern. In a good tattoo studio, artists will design something special for us. We also need to know that tattooers (the best ones) do not make copies of patterns from the web. If we hear that the tattoo artist chosen has no time for designing time and asks you to provide a pattern, it is a sign that we have come to a good tattoo studio. In such a situation, we should find a real artist who is waiting for the client and wants to pamper him.

We will also know a good artist by providing us with all the necessary information regarding the care of a tattoo. It is especially important to us when it will be our first time. A good tattoo artist is willing to share his knowledge, answer questions and propose the best possible solutions for the design itself. We should definitely not be afraid to ask. After all, we pay for this time and we have the right to find out everything.

How about promotions in tattoo studios? They do happen. However, they cannot be organized very often. A good tattoo studio does promotion, but only once a year. Weaker tattoo studios offer promotions throughout the year.


We already know that the decision to get a tattoo is extremely important. We have to take it consciously and think about everything. Let us analyze all the pros and cons. The most important thing is the price. It’s not worth saving money on a tattoo. Let’s collect the right amount, but let’s make sure that it is made perfectly.

We have to wait for the deadline. For the best artists we will not get a deadline for next week. If you get one, then something is wrong. We must look for opinions on the web. Hygiene is also very important. Avoid getting tattoo studios that are dirty. Let’s not be afraid to use the knowledge of the tattoo artist.

After the tattoo is done, the only thing left is proper care. Let’s take care of her. We will receive appropriate care products in the tattoo studio. The tattoo takes about a month to heal. Everything depends on the size of the project and the place. On some skin types, the tattoo takes up to two weeks to heal. Everything is possible.

When our tattoo heals, there is nothing else to do but bragging left and right. What is what, but when the tattoo is well done, we have a real work of art on the body. The tattoos are beautiful. Let us decorate our body with them and we will not regret it. We have absolutely no doubts about that. Let’s choose a tattoo studio wisely, and nothing will spoil our mood.