Wady i zalety ukraińskiego pracownika - czy warto ich zatrudniać?

Advantages and disadvantages of a Ukrainian worker – is it worth employing them?

For several years now, Poland has seen a growing number of Ukrainian citizens who come to our country in search of work, and who have various professions. Nobody is surprised anymore by a Ukrainian taxi driver or a Ukrainian woman in the post office. And while there are practically the same number of supporters of employing Ukrainians for work as opponents, it is worth noting that working for Ukrainians in Poland is not only an opportunity for them, but also brings many benefits to Polish entrepreneurs. Why is the Ukrainian worker in no way worse than the Polish worker?

Stereotypes and reality

There are undoubtedly legends about Ukrainians in Poland, unfortunately in most cases negative. Advertisements with the content “work for Ukrainians” are often torn off the poles, and seekers are offended for the mere fact that they are looking for such employees. In fact, however, it turns out that employees from Ukraine are not wanted for work only because of the lower hourly wage they agree to, but above all because of their high physical endurance and commitment, which Polish employees often lack. Work for Ukrainians means something different than for Poles, who more and more often have high demands on wages and working conditions, while the quality of their work and productivity are not of the highest caliber. As many entrepreneurs claim, Ukrainians are more effective and efficient in their duties, and often perform their work much more reliably and accurately than Poles. Of course, this is not a rule, but still a certain observation that comes to mind when working with this nationality. Ukrainians willingly come to Poland because their work is remunerated much better than in their country, and most of all after the salary conversion, it is much higher and allows you to support a family, which, unfortunately, the current Ukrainian economy is not able to provide due to the problems with which struggling.

What are the advantages of Ukrainian workers?

Although we often meet Ukrainians who use only broken Polish or do not speak Polish or even English at all, their efficiency and diligence are appreciated in Polish companies, which means that work for Ukrainiansit is still very accessible. It is also worth noting that thanks to the wide opportunities for development and education offered by the Polish economy, our country is visited more and more often by young, enlightened Ukrainians who are willing to study at Polish universities, and thanks to the fluent knowledge of the Polish language, they climb the career ladder, offering their specialist knowledge and skills. There are also more and more Ukrainians who have already completed higher education, but higher wages and greater development opportunities direct them towards our country. Therefore, the statement that the Ukrainians who come to Poland for work are uneducated, primitive and in some way inferior to Poles is very harmful and has little to do with the truth. Work for Ukrainians  young, ambitious and specialized in a given field of knowledge will certainly always be in Poland and other European countries.

What are the disadvantages of hiring Ukrainians?

Work for Ukrainiansand dealing with the formalities related to their employment is in fact the only obstacle that may somehow delay the entire process. However, it is not so troublesome thanks to clear and clear regulations, and above all, the creation of dedicated agencies that oversee the entire process of bringing Ukrainians to Poland and completing the formalities related to the work undertaken. In order to employ a Ukrainian, he must have accommodation and accommodation provided, as usually the modest financial resources brought with him from Ukraine are not able to cover even the first few nights in Poland. Another formality necessary to complete is obtaining a residence permit in Poland and a work permit. These two documents are obligatory in places where work for Ukrainians is offered. For the employment relationship to be fully legal, it is imperative to follow these formalities. Otherwise, we may be exposed to PIP, i.e. the National Labor Inspectorate, which has the ability to punish dishonest entrepreneurs who do not have adequate conditions for their employees and employ them illegally. Nevertheless, if the entrepreneur takes care of all these legal aspects, he can definitely count on conscientious and effective employees, because the Ukrainians are famous for their great efficiency and great expenditure of strength and endurance. This makes them much better manual workers than Poles, who often do not appreciate the possibility of earning money in their own country, wanting to earn much more and complaining about the working conditions. You can easily find Ukrainian workers on the Internet, just post a few job advertisements