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Children’s bedroom – the land of sleep

When evening approaches, children usually complain that they do not want to go to sleep yet, they want to play. That is why it is good to buy beautiful, colorful bedding that will even invite the child to come to the land of sleep. A children’s bed is an extraordinary place where the youngest listen to bedtime stories, dream about wonderful adventures and games, and gather strength for the next day. Reading and bedding with favorite patterns stimulate children’s imagination . When the child goes to bed, the parent must provide a comfortable place to rest. Choosing children’s bedding is an important sentence.

Healthy sleep for your little one

It is estimated that we sleep a third of our lives. The newborn baby sleeps most of the day. In the following months of a baby’s life, the time of his activity extends to several hours during the day. Until the age of three, the child also sleeps during the day. Until the first birthday, the toddler should not sleep on a pillow due to the danger of cot death. During infancy, when the baby is sleeping the most, sleep plays a key role in its development. Sleep comfort is very important. Children’s beddingfor a crib should be made of good quality cotton – the material breathes and absorbs moisture perfectly. Cotton bedding guarantees thermal comfort. Its fibers are resistant to stretching. 100% cotton, without artificial additives, ensures softness in contact with the skin and comfort. A wide selection of patterns and colors creates a unique atmosphere in a child’s room. Children’s bedding makes the room a more personal space for the child. The youngest family member can choose their own bedding design among the sets indicated by the parents. A good manufacturer does not use artificial substances in children’s bedding and uses organic cotton. Cotton bed linen can be washed at high temperatures, which removes dirt and germs. In the first six months of the year, babies should not be covered with a duvet – a blanket and placing the baby in swaddling clothes, e.g. in a swaddle, are all you need. 

Safe children’s bedding

For children up to three years of age, buttoned baby bedding is not recommended as these are small elements that a child can swallow. The zipper has many advantages – the bedding does not move, which guarantees a full body wrap and provides warmth. The zipper prevents dust from getting inside the duvet cover. Even a minor inconvenience may disturb your baby’s sleep. Therefore, buying zippered bedding is a much better solution than buttoned bedding. There are several certificates in force in Poland regarding the safety of children’s bedding, for example: “Safe for children” and “Oeko-Tex Standard 100”. Bedding, which has a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child, is also recommended. To make children’s bedding certificate, it must be made of materials that do not attract dust, have antiallergic properties, and its finish must be safe for the youngest – threads cannot protrude, buttons are not recommended.

The design of baby bedding

The choice of pattern depends on the child’s taste. You can choose from fairy tale themes – licensed children’s bedding, for example: Paw Patrol, Frozen, Cars, Tomek and friends, Dora, Superman, princesses, Tom and Jerry, Winnie the Pooh, Masha and the Bear, Bob the Builder, Scooby Doo, Peppa Pig , My Little Pony, Super Wings. Fairy-tale bedding has only one disadvantage – the taste of a young person changes very quickly and the toddler asks for a new bedding with a motif that he currently likes. There is a more neutral design, e.g. animals, soccer, teddy bears, stars, dinosaurs, fairies, flowers, cars and trains, planes, ships. Children delighted with beautiful bedding sleep in their bed more willingly, fall asleep faster and come to their parents less often at night. The colors of children’s bedding are durable and do not fade after several washes. 

Flannel bedding for children

Children’s flannel bedding is also a good choice. Flannel will keep you warm and has good thermal insulation properties. Flannel bedding is recommended for rooms that are not heated by the city central heating, so the temperature in these rooms is not constant. Flannel is soft, perfectly wraps children, which makes the little man fall asleep faster. Flannel transports moisture very well, you do not need to overheat the child’s body. Colorful children ‘s flannel bedding has a rich design  . Basically, every manufacturer of children’s bedding has products with fairy-tale motifs and a number of other designs tailored to the tastes of the youngest users.  

When choosing children’s bedding, the most important thing is the quality of the material, which determines the comfort of using the product and the night the child sleeps. A child who sweats at night is sure to wake up and come crying to his parents’ bed. To avoid such a situation, you should purchase 100% cotton or flannel bedding (as bedding for winter). Cotton bedding can be used as a year-round set. In the case of children’s bedding, it is inadvisable to buy products with an admixture of artificial materials.