Jakie aspekty wpływają na pozycjonowanie stron?

What aspects affect website positioning?

Title tags and their size in page positioning.

 Until now, the talk of keeping attention on websites in order to increase the click-through rate that is responsible for the positioning of websites was the most common. This is an extremely important element when designing websites, because content that does not catch the attention of a potential customer is an absolute basis when building good SEO. It is worth knowing that creating the foundations, even at the highest level, will not completely solve the problem. There are many elements that will allow us to obtain a satisfactory result only when combined. Another very important factor in SEO are website titles. Creating original and unique titles is as important as the description itself. Imagine a situation where someone decides not to read the article itself due to a poor title. All content would then be wasted, including the work that would not matter too much. Creating unique titles is key to success in SEO.

How to position your website for google to increase its visibility? It’s a good idea to start your titles with interesting questions. Try to ask questions that will make the reader think about what he will find later in the text and, therefore, want to go further into it. Keep your headers sized properly. This is a very important element. Always start with the largest H1 font, then use well-matched subheads and subtopic H2 to H3 to maintain a structured text structure. Google algorithms reward websites that are positioned according to strictly maintained rules. Many people think that the aesthetics of the text does not matter when it comes to SEO. This is a huge mistake because the google algorithm has extremely large code that can capture more than we usually think.

How to position your website text in google search engine?

It is closely related to the direct use and saturation of keywords in the text. In the SEO industry, this is known as ‘keyword density’. Why is this an important aspect of website positioning that cannot be ignored? Well, remember that the more text you have to write, the more careful you should be. You should always pay attention to which keywords will be the key when positioning your website in google. The preferred keyword saturation range for the entire text is typically 1 to 3% for the entire volume. The main rule to pay attention to is that the keywords that are used at the beginning of the text are of the greatest importance for the google algorithm that matches the content of websites with their position in the browser’s search lists.

SEO Goal Title / Site Goal Description.

This is the point many people call organic advertising. The very main description of the site that will be displayed in google search results differs from Adwords because the title and description are part of the “ads” for which google does not pay anyway. This is one of the first interactions with links pointing to the page or the website itself between you and the customer.

How to position this aspect in google? Always try to strictly answer the questions that users are asking. If you mention a topic in the meta descriptions or meta titles, you must ensure that the development of the topic is included in the linked site. Thanks to this method, you will have a much higher probability of getting a large number of clicks on your website, which directly influences the page’s better position in the search.

The first interaction between the customer and the website is usually a decision as to whether a person will follow the link that appeared in the search list, or whether the content is inappropriate and start looking for the next item or use different phrases to find the page. That is why it is so important to spend some time creating meta descriptions that encourage visiting our website, because without this condition being met, it may turn out that even if we have a temporarily well positioned website  , no one will want to step on it.

Take care of clear navigation on the website, thanks to which the user will stay for longer.

To take care of this element, many website designers use the simple method known from the English words “bread crumbs”. Each of us has experienced bread crumbs navigation. There are indicators at the top of the page that show us which sub-topics we have entered. This makes it easier to find yourself on the page itself and sort potential information. Bread crumbs should always be easily accessible, preferably on the main page with a single mouse click. This method is important both for people reading and for the algorithm that will sort the information contained in the designed website more efficiently.