Na co należy zwrócić uwagę przed zakupem kosiarki?

What should you pay attention to before buying a lawn mower?

Mowers are devices without which there is no question of a well-kept lawn or a larger area in the form of a leisure plot. To make the right choice, you should plan your purchase wisely, so as not to invest money in a solution that will not bring the expected results. In addition to the price tag, there are other considerations to consider. What specifically?

Usable area matters

Elements such as topography and the size of the area on which we will work with the mower bring us closer to choosing a specific model. The larger the area, the more power the mower needs to make the mowing process run smoothly and without interruption. Large gardens need tractor or rider mowers. The first type facilitates mowing in the context of access to places such as corners under benches and shrubs . The tractor, on the other hand, provides a grass collection function, which is extremely helpful in the last stage of work, which is getting rid of the mowed green area. In the context of larger areas, it is not worth investing in low-drive mowers, because long and intensive work can only result in faster operation, and in the end lost time spent on mowing.

A proven way in the context of a small garden

The devices available on the market allow you to adjust their speed, which makes it easier for both middle-aged and older people to use. Another advantage of mowers with the drive adjustment option is that they can cope better with grass that has already reached considerable heights. In addition, this type of equipment works great in the case of encountered terrain hills. For people who prefer innovative solutions, it is also possible to buy a mower that, after programming, will do the work for them, all you need to do is select the appropriate options available in the panel.

Law and order

The sides of access roads are often overlooked places of greenery. To avoid improper care of them, consider purchasing a side discharge mower. Why? It’s simple, we will quickly and efficiently mow the edges of the shoulder and prevent the grass from growing onto the surface. It should also not be forgotten that home gardens are the place most often chosen by children for games and mischief. The mowed grass, left to itself, begins to rot, and spending time in its vicinity, especially in the case of allergy sufferers, will not be a comfortable solution. To avoid such unpleasant situations and general disorder, the contents of the bin should be used as compost. For this purpose, it is important that our mower is equipped with a spacious basket, which will firstly ensure long and smooth mowing,

Healthy and green grass

Few people are aware of the importance of mowing your lawn regularly. Taking care of our green areas can be supported by the use of mowers that grind the mowed blades of grass. This process is called mulching and is based on the natural fertilization of the soil and the avoidance of water evaporation from its surface. The use of this type of mower helps to control weeds and stimulates the growth of grass. However, it should be remembered that mowing must be done regularly, otherwise we will not get the desired results.

Comfortable equipment is good equipment

It should not be concealed that a good-quality mower should, apart from perfect mowing, also guarantee comfortable and intuitive use. Therefore, it is not surprising that many reputable manufacturers release models that allow you to adjust the cutting height. What does this mean for the average user? This function allows you to immediately increase the cutting height, it is extremely important because the grass should not be shortened by more than 1/3 of its length at a time. In this very intuitive way, we have the option of smooth adjustment and equalization of the general state of our greenery. The mower with central adjustment is the equipment for the most demanding, and setting the wheels of the device to the same height is done with one lever. A well-equipped mower is also one that is characterized by solid wheels. Grip is one of the key elements when it comes to mowing and it is provided by rubber tires. Another important point is easy control. Mowers with double ball bearings allow you to work on a variety of surfaces without unnecessary effort. When it comes to comfortable equipment, you cannot forget about a properly programmed handle. The adjustable height allows the operator to remain in an upright position, regardless of his height. It is also important to eliminate vibrations in the handle while working. Long work on the equipment may turn out to be tiring, the ergonomic shape will certainly have a positive effect on the reduction of vibrations.

All the above-mentioned issues will certainly help us make the best choice.