What to look for when choosing an accounting office?

One of the decisions that an entrepreneur must make when setting up a business is how to keep accounting. Not everyone has the time and, above all, the right knowledge to deal with all settlements personally. This applies to both new companies, the owners of which are just taking their first steps in business, and those operating on the market for many years. Therefore, it is worth finding an accounting office that will deal with corporate finances. But how do you make the right choice?

Find out about the scope of activity of the accounting office

The first aspect that should be taken into account is the scope of activities of a given accounting office. Is it limited to the accounting of sales and purchasing documents and cash flows? It is enough when running small businesses, but in the case of larger companies it may not be enough. Then the scope of the accounting office’s operation must be much wider and cover both financial as well as legal and tax aspects. Professional accountants can help in the analysis of financial markets, create a business strategy, provide legal advice, perform tax optimization or represent their clients before the tax office or state administration bodies.

What are the competences of the accounting office employees?

The second very important issue that should be noted is the competence of the accountant. For this purpose, it is necessary to check whether the accounting office has the appropriate licenses and certificates. It is true that from 2014 you do not need to have a License of the Minister of Finance, but this document confirms the appropriate qualifications of the employee. The same is the case when the accounting office has a Certificate issued by the Accounting Information Center. Accounting office employees should also participate in regular courses and trainings that improve their competences. Before choosing a specific accountant, it is worth having a personal conversation with him, during which we can assess his potential. The experience of such a person may be very important

The scope of services provided

You also need to check whether the scope of services provided by the accounting office is wide enough. The professional ones offer their clients tax, financial and management accounting as well as HR and payroll services. It is also important whether the accountant will represent our affairs before the Tax Office or ZUS and whether he will help in obtaining various types of subsidies. It is also important whether a given office employs employees with specific specializations. This is particularly important when we conduct, for example, transport or pharmaceutical activities that require knowledge of additional regulations. The largest accounting offices also cooperate with many specialists in various fields, thanks to which they are able to provide their clients with comprehensive service at the highest level.

Does the accounting office have third party liability insurance?

Another important factor that should be checked before choosing an accounting office is liability insurance. It protects clients against financial liability for possible mistakes made by employees. Therefore, during the first meeting with an accountant, it is necessary to ask about their possession and the amount of the sum insured. The higher it is, the better for us. You can also ask for the detailed scope of such insurance to be completely sure from which events we can protect ourselves.

How is communication with the client done?

The times when a pile of paper documents had to be delivered to the accountant every month are slowly becoming forgotten. Modernity has also entered the accounting office and now most of the matters can be dealt with via the Internet. Thanks to this, the entrepreneur gains, above all, his valuable time, which he can devote to business development. Therefore, you should check whether the given office offers such a possibility. The way you communicate with employees is also important. Contact by phone and e-mail is an absolute must.

How much does service by an accounting office cost?

When looking for the right accounting office, you should also compare the prices of their services. However, it should not be a decisive factor. First of all, you need to compare the range of services offered with all costs that will have to be incurred on this account. You should not be influenced only by the low price, because it often does not go hand in hand with quality. When signing a contract with an office, special attention should be paid to the provisions regarding any additional services that may significantly increase all costs. It should include a detailed scope of services agreed by both parties. Thanks to this, there will be no unpleasant situations in the future.