Poradnik dla osoby wypożyczającej samochód - o czym trzeba pamiętać?

A guide for a car rental person – what do you need to remember?

Over the years, the car has become one of the basic and most frequently chosen means of transport in the world. However, there is no need to explain it in any way – just look at the streets filled with cars, or at the courtyards where the sight of one car is rare (usually there are more). No wonder that car rentals are also rejuvenating – once considered something exclusive, which was used for events and occasional events (wedding or bachelor party), today they provide services both occasionally and more regularly and for a longer period . When should we decide to rent a car? and what to follow? What to look for and what to remember if we already have a “loan”? We want to tell you all about this in this short guide.

When should we decide to rent a car?

When going to a car rental company, we usually do not have our own car, and we need it in a given life situation – regardless of whether it is for a little longer or just a few days. The most common moments when we decide to rent are when …

– we are going on vacation – the car is then able to significantly increase the comfort of our trip, especially if we are going on it with the whole family; we will reach the place more comfortably and faster, and the return will be a pure pleasure, not requiring us to beat ourselves on buses or trams;

– we come back from abroad for a short visit – even if we have a car living outside Poland, coming to visit, we do not always want to take it with us; If, however, we are used to the comfort of its use, renting it is an ideal option for us;

– we run a sole proprietorship – owners of sole proprietorships often treat renting a car as an alternative to buying it – especially when they use the car sporadically and it is simply not worth having their own; a long-term contract with a car rental company can significantly reduce the price of this process, therefore it is simply more profitable;

– we run a larger company – larger companies also decide to rent cars – often choosing premium services for them, such as a driver (for example when they have to pick up an important investor or customer from the airport); it also happens that owners of larger companies or corporations rent cars to their employees – this option is more and more often included in the benefit package; it is better to rent a car to serve as a company car than to buy each employee his own means of transport.

It is possible that we already have our own car, but we still want to decide on the services offered by the car rental company . It often happens that our car breaks down – as we are often dependent on it, renting a new, replacement is the only reasonable option in such a situation.

What to remember about the rented car?

When deciding to take advantage of the car rental offer we must be aware that nothing is for free, and the loan itself will cost us. Its price is usually based on the period for which we rent the car – the longer it is, the less subscription we will pay. In addition to the price, we must also take into account the type of car we have chosen – remember that refueling is also on our side. So let’s opt for a more economical model that will allow us to drive a longer distance on one tank of fuel, and thus save a bit.

During the equipment itself, we should pay much attention to the contract we sign – an indispensable element of the entire process. Let’s see if all the information contained therein is correct – in particular, the model and license plates of the rented car. We should also read about a possible penalty – although its payment is usually the result of an unfortunate coincidence, we must be ready for this eventuality. Let us beware of legal loops and ambiguities that could be used against us. First of all, however, let’s carefully look at the car we rent , paying attention to all the shortcomings that appeared in it already at the time of renting. This will allow us to avoid being accused of causing them.


Car rental is a place that has been extremely popular recently. It is worth choosing the best one when renting, guided not only by the cars it offers, but also – or perhaps most of all – by recommendations from our friends (or Internet users), and then signing the most favorable contract for us to fully enjoy the rented car. Either way, using the rental services is a great option for both private individuals and entrepreneurs who cannot afford a car but need it at a given moment in their lives.