Pomysł na biznes: warsztat samochodowy!

Business idea: car repair shop!

At present, the freedom of doing business is enormous. Anyone who wants to do so can set up a company with virtually any profile of their choice. Own company is a great opportunity – the entrepreneur decides on the amount of his earnings. Due to the fact that running your own business is associated with a large number of privileges, many people decide to start their own business. However, there are people who do not know what their company would do. A car repair shop is a very good idea for a company. Demand for car repair services will certainly not decrease in the coming years. On the contrary, it is more likely to grow even more. 


Cars in Poland and other countries

Poles love cars. In all generally available rankings and statistics, we are in the first place in terms of the number of owned cars. What it comes from? Probably from comfort and the desired sense of security. After all, you can go everywhere by car. We cannot get exactly from point A to point B by public transport.

According to the latest data, in 2018 over 2,000 passenger cars were registered on each working day. These are the data proving that the number of cars is growing rapidly in our country. Compared to other European capitals, Warsaw has several times more passenger cars per capita. All the data we have cited show that the demand for car repair services in the next dozen or so years will certainly not decrease, on the contrary. Therefore, all people who would like to set up their own car repair shop , should certainly not wonder any longer. Your own car repair shop is a really great business idea!


Before you set up a car repair shop – what do you have to remember?

Some may think that setting up your own car repair shop is very easy. Nothing could be more wrong. Setting up a business is of course quite simple, but the room in which the repairs are to take place must meet a number of standards. Apart from that, we also have to purchase many necessary tools. And the most important thing: location. All these elements must be taken into account when setting up your own car repair shop.

Car repair shop location 

Where is the best place to open your own car repair shop? This question is certainly asking many people. Finding a good place for a car repair shop is not really easy. Of course, cars can be repaired in their own garage at the very beginning. It all depends on where this garage is located. If the garage is located in the middle of nowhere, away from civilization, then setting up a car repair shop in it will certainly not be a beneficial solution.

A much better solution is to look for a good place suitable for a car repair shop . Adapting the building for car repair will of course cost a bit, but it will certainly pay off. The most important thing is that the building you are renting is in a good location. Then our chances of reaching a wide group of customers will increase significantly.

What should the workshop area be? According to the vast majority of experts, it is best if it is at least 100 square meters. In this way, the workshop will be able to fit two repaired cars at the same time, a small office and a mini warehouse. It is worth knowing that when setting up your own car repair shop, you must also meet slightly different standards. The point here is that the building must have adequate lighting and ventilation. In addition, you also need to invest in non-slip flooring.

Subscribing to an authorized group of workshops

It is worth knowing that having your own car repair shop, you don’t have to work on your own. At the moment, workshop owners can sign up for the workshop network operating in our country. Joining an authorized group of workshops gives you a whole host of different benefits. I am talking here, in particular, about much greater recognition at the start. The possibility of operating under the banner of a well-known brand immediately opens up a whole range of beneficial solutions. In addition, an authorized group of workshops for us will carry out marketing activities, conduct trainings for mechanics and provide us with modern diagnostic and repair equipment.

Signing up to the network of workshops is of course also associated with the need to meet clearly defined requirements regarding workshop equipment, the level of customer service, prices or qualifications of employees. Before we decide to sign up for an authorized group of workshops, it is worth considering carefully what are the pros and cons of such an idea.