Jak obliczać cenę tłumaczeń?

How to calculate the price of translations?

Translations of English and many other foreign languages ​​are very popular in Poland. Many people wonder what determines the exact rates determined by individual translators. In today’s article, we advise you on how to calculate the price of translations.    How much should a professional (non-sworn) translation cost? In Poland, when determining the price for a translation, […]


What does podiatry and podiatry do?

   Podiatry – a few years ago, this term was surprising not only for clients, but also for pedicurists dealing with foot care. And today it is heard in all the speeches of specialists, in articles in professional magazines, and people are increasingly asking the question: where does a podologist go? Overall, podiatry is firmly established in daily […]

Sztuczne kwiaty - dekoracja czy kicz?

Artificial flowers – decoration or kitsch?

Artificial flowers are decorative elements made of synthetic materials. Their appearance, colors and construction details often make them look like live counterparts. They can be produced from many different types of materials – polyesters (cheap production, good susceptibility to glues and paints), papers of various weights, fabrics (especially cotton or satin), delicate parchment, elastic latex or rubber […]