Sprzedaż bez sklepu

Sale without store

Running a sales or service business does not have to mean incurring high costs related to the premises. Building a building is a huge cost, and renting a flat does not give you 100% satisfaction, because the owner has the impression that he is not quite at home. If the entrepreneur sells goods from one assortment and wants to be present among potential customers, he may conduct commercial activities at a stand, called a trade island.  


In a shopping mall and at mass events

Commercial islands are a good way of doing business in shopping malls, markets, fairs and exhibitions, and at mass events, i.e. where mobility is important and the possibility of an interesting, eye-catching presentation of goods . There are various types of stands: general, which can be used for virtually any product, and more specialized ones, e.g. for displaying sausage or confectionery products, where it is important to maintain the temperature appropriate for these products.  Commercial islands they differ in purpose, type of materials from which they were produced and, of course, size. They are available in a wide range of colors, thanks to which you can match the stand to the decor of the place where it will be displayed.


Front to the customer

On the island shopping decide to entrepreneurs who for his business philosophy adopted the belief that the goods should be on the doorstep of the buyer. Convenient access to the items on display, visibility at all times, it is after all the front door to the customer. An entrepreneur who sells things on a trade island  is geared to arousing the involuntary interest of the customer. The person running the store addresses the offer to consumers who enter the store for a specific purpose, to see the goods or make a purchase. The great thing about commercial islandsthere is a constant flow of customers and round-the-clock traffic – from the opening to the closing of the arcade. Even if passersby do not stop by the stand, they still see the exhibition. Consumer research has shown that the commercial islands are well received by customers and are more noticeable than specific stores. The secret of their success is being “on the way” of the customer – no matter for what purpose the buyer came to the shopping mall, when going to the selected store he passes several such stands and sees what they offer, sometimes he stops, asks a question, is interested in commodity and buys. He takes advantage of the fact that a given assortment is at hand, even if he did not plan such a purchase. Admittedly, sellers offering merchandise on trade islands, they often sell unique items from local producers or represent the best brands that are trusted by consumers. Trade islands are visually attractive points – they are colorful, illuminated, and often have unusual, interesting shapes. The logo is large, visible even from a distance, which makes it easy for passers-by to remember the name. It is not without significance that the trading islands are situated in the middle of the shopping arcade between the rows of shops, which definitely works to the advantage of these stands. They attract the eye directly to their exposure.


Marketing hit

Even people unfavorable to commercial islands admit that their presence in shopping malls is a bull’s eye. It can be said that this is not entirely fair competition because they pay lower rates for their presence on the passage, but they cannot be denied marketing effectiveness. It is the attitude towards the random customer that allows them to compete equally with stores. They have a smaller space than a store, the customer cannot, for example, try on clothes, but more people see their offer. Big money can be made much faster than with a traditional store. The mere presence of potential consumers is an opportunity to increase turnover. Security is ensured not only by monitoring the gallery and passing security Commercial islands are solid structures that are safe for employees and customers. They are made of many different materials, e.g. brushed steel, polished steel, copper, aluminum, special type of glass, polycarbonate, veneers, wood, wood-like laminates and synthetic stone, such as: kerrock and corian. A monitor can be built into the wall and videos on the stand’s offer can be displayed. This increases the visual and promotional attractiveness of such a stand.


 Each island in the arcade is different, but it has several features in common: interesting and eye-catching appearance, functionality and effective money earning. Their advantage is the lack of long queues – customers are served without undue delay. Consumers appreciate their modern look.

Commercial islands have become a permanent element of the interiors of shopping malls, enriching their offer. It is worth investing in them to save on the costs of running a business and, at the same time, to obtain specific profits.