Jak wybrać mieszkanie idealne?

How to choose the perfect apartment?

It cannot be denied that each of us dreams of our own apartment. Real estate in Poland is unfortunately very expensive. As such, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to pick up the keys from the developer. Over time, however, many people decide to have their own place, even getting into debt, as a result, of several hundred thousand zlotys. Provided we have a permanent job, it is a loan that must be repaid. What should you pay attention to in order to choose the perfect apartment and not regret your purchase?


When we are serious about a new apartment, we should choose the perfect location for ourselves. New apartments in Krakow are very popular. Krakow is a very charming, atmospheric city with great opportunities and a place where many cultural and sports events take place. So it seems that this location is a really good choice. We already know that we will be looking for new apartments in Krakow, but we should also focus on a specific district. Nothing by force. Some of us feel great in the city center, while others prefer a quiet neighborhood. Of course, the final choice is always ours. We have to take into account that new apartments in Krakow in the very center are more expensive than those outside Krakow. Once we have chosen the location, let’s focus on the size.

Area and layout of the apartment

After selecting the location, it is time to determine the size of the apartment we are interested in. In new housing estates we have a choice of small studios, medium-sized flats as well as quite impressive areas of over one hundred square meters. It all depends on what age we are, whether we have a family, or maybe we have plans for it. It is not wise to buy an apartment that is too small and then expand the family. Despite spending a lot of money on an apartment, it will just be tight for us, and that’s not the point. So let’s choose an apartment for the future. We must always have our plans at the back of our heads.

In addition to the area in the apartment itself, the layout of the apartment is also important. We need to know if we are interested in a room with a kitchenette, separate kitchen, connecting rooms, separate rooms or maybe we dream of a balcony or terrace? The choice is ours. We can confidently decide about it. After all, we are paying for this apartment. We also have to decide whether we prefer to live on the ground floor, or maybe on the upper floor. Everything must be perfectly planned.

Let us pay attention to the immediate vicinity

When deciding on a specific housing estate, let’s pay attention to the immediate vicinity. It is extremely important whether the estate has a playground, greenery, benches to relax in, a gym, some shops, and maybe even a school or kindergarten. All these, even small elements, have a huge impact on how we will live.

Let us also pay attention to the connection to the center by public transport. We always have to keep in mind a scenario in which our car refuses to obey, and thus we have to change to a bus or tram. Let’s check if there is such a possibility, or maybe there is no chance to get to work? The situation is certainly not very comfortable.

When buying a flat, make sure what the developer’s further plans are for a given housing estate . Let’s find out if there will be any more buildings, or maybe the estate is already finished? This is very important. We often have to deal with a situation in which another block suddenly grows in front of our block, taking away all the sun’s rays. This is not a very comfortable situation.

How much is a new apartment?

Surely many people are trying to find out how much a new apartment in Krakow can cost? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. We just need to know what apartment we want to choose. It is mainly about the area, location, number of rooms, floor and other amenities. Then we can get an initial assessment. However, this is never the final price. We will receive the final price by asking for a specific apartment.

 Therefore, we can buy a new apartment in Krakow for PLN 300,000, and we can also buy one that costs three times as much. So we can see that the difference is really big. When choosing an apartment, we must also take into account our savings and possibly the amount of creditworthiness. In no case can we take a loan, which we already know immediately that we will not pay back or that we will have a huge problem. Unfortunately, it is a commitment even for thirty years. During this period, I can not imagine living in uncertainty and wondering every month for what to pay off the next installment of the loan. This is really irresponsible. Such a solution is definitely not a long-term solution. In fact, it’s safe to say that this is not a solution.

Therefore, the purchase of an apartment should be very thoughtful. There is no room for spontaneous decisions in such situations. It is, after all, a purchase for life.