Wakacje all inclusive - wszystko co powinieneś wiedzieć

All inclusive holidays – everything you need to know

The summer vacation season is still a long way off, but already now many people are looking for a place to vacation. In search of the perfect travel destination, many Poles decide to go to a travel agency. Trips with travel agencies for All Inclusive holidaysthey are becoming more and more popular every year. They are chosen primarily by those who like to spend their holidays in a lazy way, lying all long days on the beach or by the pool. It is also an interesting option for people who want to relax with children. When choosing a carefree holiday, we do not want to worry about any additional fees, e.g. for drinks or meals, which could significantly increase the price of the trip, reducing its comfort. So let’s get to know a few tips before choosing the All Inclusive option. What exactly are All Inclusive holidays, what are the types and what can we expect? 


What is the All-Inclusive Option?


The All Inclusive option itself means that the offered price of the trip is not only a flight and accommodation at the hotel, but also includes various other additional services provided by the hotel. Unfortunately, there is no regulation on what such a package should include and it is determined individually by each hotel or travel agency. It is worth getting acquainted with the range of services on offer before going on holiday. Most often, such a range of benefits is given in the description of trips. Most often, the set includes three meals a day at the hotel, snacks in the so-called snack bars, soft drinks and alcohol, and sports attractions. It is an option that ensures great comfort during rest, we do not have to worry about additional costs of meals or drinks. This option often offers animations for children, making it also a great solution for parents with children. However, it is worth remembering that in many hotels All inclusive is valid at certain times, usually from breakfast until late evening.


All inclusive does not always mean the same


When buying a richer version of the vacation, we assume that we will not have to worry about anything on the spot. Meanwhile, it is not quite so. “All-inclusive” holidays differ in variants. So it is worth getting to know what exactly they contain, so that we do not get an unpleasant surprise on the spot. It is worth noting, however, that there are no rigid, top-down regulations as to the nomenclature and scope of application. And so we can meet two versions like All Inclusive and All Inclusive Plus or the soft and light version. Before you go on vacation, be sure to read what exactly are contained in specific packages.


  • Soft version – usually three meals a day (served at specific hourly intervals) and only soft drinks. You have to pay extra for alcohol. 
  • Light version – a poorer “all inclusive” version. The guest has breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the price, as well as a certain number of drinks, usually served with meals.
  • “All inclusive 24” version – the version which means that the possibility of using food, drinks and selected services can be used around the clock. 
  • The “All inclusive plus” version is an extended package. For a fee, guests have access to attractions offered by the hotel, such as SPA, massages or a tennis court.
  • The “All inclusive premium” version – the most extensive all inclusive program. Of course, the guest has access to services that are additionally payable to other vacationers. And so, when buying this version, you have access to a minibar in your room, a visit to the a la carte restaurant, room service or your own beach chairs and towels. An animator is provided for children.


Rooms at All Inclusive


When going on vacation, do not you want to constantly think about whether you have forgotten to take something? When you decide to buy the All Inclusive version, you also get certain room equipment. Standard equipment are towels, bathrobes, pool slippers and even hats. This is a great convenience when packing, so you do not have to take so many things in the suitcase. When buying extended All Inclusive versions, we can even count on a minibar in the room. Of course, the quality of the rooms also varies depending on the package. 

Who is this holiday for?


If you need complete relaxation while relaxing in a hotel with a swimming pool or close to the beach, the All Inclusive version is for you. This option is gaining more and more popularity among Poles every year. It guarantees peace on vacation, even for families traveling with children – thanks to special animators. This version is mainly for people who want to spend most of their vacation in the hotel or in a small environment. Thanks to additional services, leaving the hotel can be completely purposeful. Before buying a given version, it is worth reading the detailed description carefully so that the purchased package fully meets our expectations. They can differ significantly from each other. The most modest packages offer only meals, while the most extended ones provide access to the hotel’s SPA,